Makeup Lessons


Makeup lessons are intended for clients wishing to learn how to apply makeup on themselves.  I accept invitations to share what I know to others aspiring to begin a career in makeup artistry, or makeup artists who wish to add to what they know. For more information, contact me at or at 404-645-6393


Makeup application lesson for teens include:

  • tips on how to enhance natural beauty appropriate to age

  • cover or minimize appearance of acne

  • basic skin care ($150 for 1.5 hrs., per person)

Basic day makeup and evening makeup application: 

  • makeup placement tips to compliment your features

  • color theory 

  • choosing colors that look best on you ($250 for 2.5 hrs., per person, includes practice time)


Basic day makeup and evening makeup application: 

  • makeup placement tips to compliment your features

  • color theory

  • choosing colors that look best on you 

  • additional practice time and/or specific request(s) from client ($350 for 3.5 hrs., per person)

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