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​​Makeup Applications

Carime Griffin offers professional makeup applications for any of your special occasion needs.

She specializes in makeup for High-Definition video production and Print. Her experience in working with HD makeup will leave you looking just as amazing and beautiful in person, as you will on video and in photographs!


Makeup Lessons

Every one is born with beauty! With makeup, you can accentuate your most striking features. Did you know that beautiful makeup is more about the colors you choose and placement and less about how much you apply? To learn more about how you can improve your home makeup applications, make an appointment today for your own personal makeup lesson!


Carime enjoys sharing, not just the art of makeup application, but also the truth about your beauty! She has a heart for women and young ladies who may be stuck, believing lies about their self image, as she did for many years. She believes the truth in that we are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made and designed to add our own flavor and light to this world! We are beautiful, precious, one of a kind, and of great worth! 

During her session, you will: 

  • learn the truth about your beauty

  • receive tips on how to enhance your natural beauty 

  • see a brief makeup demonstration focusing on enhancing natural beauty  

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